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Bondage on 34th Street by Emily Ryan-Davis & Jennifer Leeland

Quote Card - Emily - TashaHello Readers! Thank you for being so diligent in following these last few days of us showing off the Mastered set! Today we’re going to tie it off with the final story in the set, Bondage on 34th Street by the Emily Ryan-Davis & Jennifer Leeland! Now there’s a christmas special I’d love to see.

If your master is another’s sub, what does that make you? #Mastered #BDSM #DomSub @emilyryandavis @JenniferLeeland

In knots over love

What do you do when your Master is someone else’s Sub? It seems the chain of command continues to go down and Tasha has an ever more commanding master. Will his chains bind the three together, or tear them apart?


Quote Card - Emily - TyQuote Card - Emily - Noah

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Excerpt from Bondage on 34th Street by Emily Ryan-Davis & Jennifer Leeland

“Have you ever been naked in public, Natasha? Ever put your beautiful little body on display?”

The low, rough words rasped along her nerve endings, dark with arousal and challenge.

Not trusting herself to speak coherently, she bit her lip and shook her head. Or tried to.

Noah held her immobile, his forearm flexed against the side of her neck.

“Answer me with words.”

“No, Sir.” The immediacy with which she responded, not even stopping to think before

obeying him–and using that word–set off all her inner alarms.

This time it was Noah’s turn to shudder. He sucked in a breath and his abs flexed against

her hands, reminding her how close she was to touching his cock.

How close she was to asking him for so much more than permission to touch.

“You will be.” He punctuated his whispered promise by pressing his fingertips into her

ass cheek and tilting her pelvis to meet his. The tight, confined thrust of hardness against her

core scattered her thoughts all over again. Noah bucked between her legs, abs and thighs

bunching as he ground the long ridge of his arousal against her, and the way he held her spread

open left zero protection.

Her breath came in short, harsh bursts. Every muscle inside her tensed, trembling and

seeking, straining toward Noah’s mastery. Footsteps and wheeled luggage somewhere in the

parking garage reminded her they weren’t alone, and that made her more desperate. She

squirmed against him, trying to gain leverage to push him away with her knees even as her arms

pulled him closer. Her mind and body fought against each other, and her body was winning. She

felt herself climbing higher and higher until he closed his teeth around a tender part of her neck

and pushed her over the edge.

It didn’t matter that they were out in the open, that Noah was her enemy, not her lover.

Reason didn’t matter. Somehow, Noah knew her body, and he used it as a weapon against her.

She came hard, with frightening suddenness, and for a moment, guilt beat back the pleasure. But

the moment was lost, and nobody existed except Noah.

As the shock softened, Noah’s hold on her hair gentled and his pumping hips slowed. She

wished he would let her go and turn away, but he stayed with her, reminding her in unnecessary

ways–because how could she forget?–that he was still there.

While she shivered and clung, trying to sort through her jumbled emotions, he soothed

the sting of a bite mark with his tongue and cooled the damp spot with his breath.

“I’m in control here, Natasha, and I don’t surrender it lightly. Remember that when

you’re aiming your luscious mouth at my lover. Remember this.” He pulsed against her one

more time, triggering a new wave of aftershocks, and didn’t let her go until she sagged limp in

his arms.

When he lowered her feet to the ground, the chill of cold concrete under her one bare foot

barely registered. Noah drew her away from the car door and imprisoned her against his chest,

his forearm hard below her shoulder blades, as he opened the door and installed her into the

passenger seat. After she was settled, he scooped her errant shoe from beneath the car and bent to

slide it over her foot.

His words finally registered and took on meaning as he walked to the driver’s side and

slide into the seat. Noah jabbed the key into the ignition and fired the engine, staring straight

ahead as if she no longer existed for him.

“This doesn’t mean anything,” she whispered.

He flexed his hands on the steering wheel. “Doesn’t it?”

Tasha shivered. She turned her face away from the stark, white outline of his knuckles.

Noah reached out and cupped her chin, pulling her head back around to hold her gaze.

His lips twisted in a parody of a smile. “Ty is mine, Natasha. You want to touch him, fuck him,

get on your knees and lick his impressive dick? You’ll have to beg me for permission.”

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Unfettered: An Overwatch Story by Sasha White

Quote Card - SashaHello Readers! Ever feel like you fit in too well? Like you’re just one of the furnishings, or worse, just one of “The guys”? That’s the feeling that drives Ronnie Lang to seek out the private Overwatch BDSM club in Unfettered: An Overwatch Story by Sasha White. The best way to being noticed is to get yourself out there… just be careful who finds you.

Ronnie Lang sets out to explore her own sexuality more. Is the Overwatch #BDSM club her answer? #Mastered @SashaWhite

You never forget your first love

Tired of being treated as “one of the guys”, mechanic Ronnie Lang wants to explore her own sexuality more. She gets wind of Overwatch, a private BDSM club and she applies herself for membership. Behind those closed doors lies a lifestyle she never imagined… and the man she could never forget.


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Unfettered: An Overwatch Story by Sasha White

Overwatch, Ronnie kept her head down and didn’t

volunteer for anything. It was all she could do to make it

through the rest of the class without snapping at people

to leave her alone. She just wanted to sit in the corner

and think, to sort through her emotions and try to make

sense of what was happening to her.

only to be pulled up short when Ian called her name.

walked toward her.

clear blue eyes.

careless shrug of her shoulders. “Just didn’t see a reason

to hang around.”

out the first set of doors before she had a grip on herself again. “Is that allowed, you being a trainer

and all?”

“There’s no rule against it. It’s the first time I’ve done it, but it’s also the first time I’ve

known a trainee from outside the club.” He pushed through the last set of doors and turned left.

“The coffee shop just up the road is still open.”

“Hey,” she said, stopping dead and tugging her hand from his. “Enough. What’s going on

here, Ian?”

He stood stock still in front of her, expression blank. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that you’ve pretty much pretended I don’t exist since that little negotiation

demonstration last week and now you want to take me for coffee? What’s up with that?”

He stared at her, silent and inscrutable. When the others started coming out the doors he

raked a hand through his hair and shook his head. “I’m sorry if it felt like I was ignoring you. I didn’t

intend to make you feel that way.”

“Well, you did.”

His mouth titled up at the corner. “Yeah, so you just told me.”

The pressure in her chest lessened and she smiled back at him. “Okay. Just so you got the


His smile grew. “We okay?”

“Yeah.” She nodded. “Let’s go get that coffee.”

They didn’t talk as they walked down the street. Once they got their drinks, they found an

empty corner table and sat down. Ian didn’t make her wait.

“So, what do you think so far?”

“To be honest I’m loving it. It’s a lot different than I imagined it would be, but that isn’t

necessarily bad.”

“What did you imagine?”

“That everyone involved would either be a sexy model in fetish wear or a dark and

handsome Dom wearing leather pants and a sleeveless vest. You know, with maybe a whip or a

flogger tied to their hip, and always demanding you drop to your knees.” She laughed softly. “Okay,

so maybe I exaggerated that a little bit, but you know what I mean? I worried it would be the

stereotype of a cross between a porn movie set and a nightclub.”

He laughed. “Well, you’re actually not that far off. When you come to the club and it’s open

you’ll see it is a lot like a regular nightclub — except, yes, some people are wearing fetish wear and

some people are wearing nothing at all. Not everyone will have a perfect body, but everyone’s pretty

damn comfortable in their skin, if you get what I mean. You might even see a Dom in leather pants,

although I’m not too sure about the sleeveless vests. Many of us do take off our shirts, though,

especially when we scene.” He met her gaze head on. “It can get pretty hot in there.”

She fanned herself with her hand at the thought of him with no shirt, paddle in hand, and

her awaiting his ppleasure. “Shit, it’s getting pretty hot in here.”

He laughed and pleasure burst through her. It was nice just sitting with him.

“So, is that what you found on the internet? Men who wore leather pants and demanded you

kneel at all times?”

She sighed. “Yeah. It was real letdown. A lot of puffed up idiots who thought that calling

themselves dominant made them dominant. That somehow that gave them the right to make it all

about them. It was all about blowjobs and booty calls, but not about dominance or submission.

Except for the ones who seemed to think that being the dominant gave them the right to smack you


Something deadly flared in his eyes. “Did somebody smack you around?”

She arched an eyebrow. “Do you really think I would let somebody smack me around?”

“Damn it. It’s a dangerous fucking world out there, Ronnie. What made you put that ad on

the Internet?

“Look at me,” she said. “I’m a thirty-four year old tomboy who would rather clean an

engine than get my hair done and it shows. Sure, I’ve had sex, even good sex, but I’ve never had a

relationship before. I’ve never been in love, and I thought if internet dating could work for other

people why not me?”

He visibly calmed himself, taking a deep breath before nodding at her. “I get it. It can be

tough to find someone. What made you realize you were submissive?”

She blushed, but remembering how they met up again, she pushed past any nerves at

speaking so freely. “I thought about the men I had been with, and which ones I thought were good

sex, and which were just … exercise, and realized that the good sex had always been with a guy who

took charge. Those guys who took charge were also the ones I’d wanted to spend more time with if

given the chance. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head, and once I realized that was what did it

for me, I didn’t look back.”

When he nodded, she kept talking. The words just tumbling from her lips without thought.

“I did internet searches, read some blogs and some books. The more I read, the more I wanted

to do and explore. Then I found the adult dating site, and thought it was perfect. Put up a profile

and—bam!—I had men emailing and asking to meet.” She stopped suddenly. Not sure she wanted

to share the rest.

Blue eyes soft with concern, Ian reached across the table, putting both his hands over both

of hers. “It’s okay, Ronnie. Nothing you can say will change the way I see you.”

Relief flowed through her. How had he known exactly what she needed to hear?

“At first I was like a kid in a candy store,” she admitted. “I met with too many men, and tried

too many things. I look back now and think I’m lucky I didn’t get killed. I mean, I’m not an idiot,

and I have good instincts. I never let any of them tie me up, or restrain me in any way, no matter

how much I craved it. But I did let them do things like spank me, or fuck my face.” She shook her

head and laughed softly. “I have to admit to having a bit of an oral fixation.”

He sat back in his chair, and folded his arms across his broad chest. “Oral fixation, huh?”

“Oh, yeah.” She flashed him a naughty smile and leaned forward staring deep into his eyes.

“I came to the realization that I really love sucking cock. There’s just something about being on my

knees in front of a man, serving him that way. The smell, the taste, the feel. Oh, god, the feel of a

hard cock stroking against my tongue as he grips my hair and thrusts deep enough to hit the back of

my throat so hard my eyes start to water and I fight to breathe. I just love it.”

By the time she was done talking, Ian’s eyes blazed with a heat that damn near melted her

panties off.

“You,” he said in a voice that sent shivers down her spine. “Deserve to be punished for that.”

Her nipples hardened to the brink of pain, and she wiggled in her seat, but she raised her

eyebrows and tried to look innocent. “For what?”

He smirked.

She grinned.

He leaned forward. “For making my cock so hard all I want to do is bend you over and sink

in so deep that I feel your soul surrounding me.”

Her eyes widened and Ian’s heart pounded as they sat there, just looking at each other and

breathing the same air.

She was beautiful. Beautiful in her honesty, in her desire, and in her eagerness. Ian had to

remind himself that they were in a public coffee shop and it would be wrong to reach over the table

and drag her into his arms.

Sucking in a deep breath, he shifted back in his chair again to try and ease the erotic tension

that had flared between them so quickly. Before he could say anything and change the topic, she

straightened up and spoke again.

“That’s exactly what I came to Overwatch looking for,” she said.

She wasn’t making sense. “What?”

“You,” she replied, looking right at him. “You’re not acting, or pretending. You and Simon

and Adam and Conner, you’re all for real. Dominance isn’t something that can be faked, and I

was tired of meeting men who considered it a game. Men who played at it because they saw it as

a way to have sex any way they wanted without really caring about what their partner needed. I

want a real man, one who knows that true dominance is mental before it ever comes close to being

physical. That my submission cannot be demanded—it has to be earned—and when I give it, I give


Fuck. She made total sense.

A loud burst of laughter from the table next to them made her start. Red started creeping up

her chest and neck and Ian gave himself a mental kick in the ass. “Thank you,” he said. “For sharing

so much with me.”

“You’re welcome.” Ronnie smiled. “Now, I should go. It’s almost twelve.”

“Why do you turn into a pumpkin at midnight?”

She laughed, taking the hand he extended and letting him pull her to her feet.

“No, but it’s past my bedtime, and if I don’t get at least six hours of sleep I turn into a

raging bitch the next day. The guys at the shop will not thank you.”

They walked back to the club, and he wasn’t surprised to see that she drove a pumped up

muscle car painted in very pretty purple. It was just like her. Strong, but feminine, and very, very sexy.

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Ink Reunited by USA Today bestseller Carrie Ann Ryan

Quote Card -Carrie Ann Ryan - Rafe - w black shadowWelcome back readers! Triangles are the best way to shape a story, right? They offer plenty of conflict and suspense for the final answer. They’re exciting to read, but difficult to play in. So let’s sit back and read on how Rafe, Ian, and Sassy make out their menage in Ink Reunited, by the talented Carrie Ann Ryan!

The Big Easy was never the same after Rafe, Ian & Sassy tore up the streets like Mardi Gras. #Mastered@CarrieAnnRyan

Only two men can give Sassy the happily ever after she craves.

Rafe, Ian, and Sassy loved each other, until it all fell apart. Time passed and now the two men are back for the woman they love. With the damage already done, it’ll take more than words to make this menage work. If by some chance they manage to pull it off, they’ll tear up the streets of New Orleans worse than any Mardi Gras ever has.


Quote Card -Carrie Ann Ryan - Ian - w black shadow  Quote Card -Carrie Ann Ryan - Sassy-w black shadow

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Ink Reunited by USA Today bestseller Carrie Ann Ryan

“Sassy.” She heard the deep, achingly familiar voice coming from in front of her.

She blinked in complete disbelief at what she saw


“Nothing for me then?” Another voice, just as familiar, came from just beside

Rafe, and Sassy swallowed hard.

“Ian.” She shook her head. “What…what are you two doing here?”

She could have sworn everyone in the shop had stopped moving, stopped

breathing. It was if they knew something was terribly wrong, and yet had no idea

what to do about it.

She didn’t know what to do about it.

“We’re here for a tattoo,” Rafe answered.

“And you,” Ian put in.

With that, the phone dropped out her hand and her mind went completely


Her past was back and standing right in front of her in all their sexy glory and

determined faces. No matter what she did, she had a feeling she wouldn’t be able to

wish Ian and Rafe away.

It hadn’t worked before.

It wouldn’t work this time either.

Oh shit.

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No Limits by USA Today bestseller Kate Pearce

Quote Card - Kate Pearce-w final coverHello again! Today we’ll be taking a look at No Limits by Kate Pearce. Dr. Julia Reed wasn’t the first doctor to make a risky deal with a shadowy character, but she definitely made the most sinful pact in recent memory.

Dr. Julia Reed enters a pact to share her sinful fantasies, but Logan won’t play by the rules. #Mastered@Kate4Queen

All bets are off when there are no limits…

Dr. Julia Reed is a skilled doctor at a California ER, where life & death are always on the line. After an enticing meeting with British Businessman, Alex Logan, he proposes a sexual bargain. She gives him the details of her deepest, darkest fantasies, and he gets the power to act them out. Reed comes to suspect that Alex is not playing fair in this game of lust.



❤ ❤ ❤

Excerpt from No Limits by USA Today bestseller Kate Pearce


“I know what I like.”

“Let me guess. You want a man to tie you up, spank your arse and make you

call him Sir.”

“There’s nothing wrong with any of those things in a consensual


“I agree, but I don’t play those kind of games.”

“I’m not sure I believe you. You said—“

He held up his hand. “I said I liked giving my lovers what they wanted.”

“So if I asked you to tie me up and flog me, you’d be okay with that?”

His eyes were cold. “I don’t play games.”

I studied his calm face. “Then what do you do?”

“If you really want to know I suggest you have dinner with me.”

“You’re relentless.”

❤ ❤ ❤



Juicy by the Multi-Award Winning bestseller T.J. Michaels

Quote Card - TJ Michaels - 1Welcome back readers! Take a load off with us today as we look at the hectic life of Solia Shaw, the brilliant self-made woman and star of multi-award winning author T.J. Michael’s Juicy. Everyone needs a break, even fictional characters, and we all know the best way to blow off steam… by getting steamy!






Even the boss needs to blow off some steam. If only someone could help with her tension… @tj_michaels#Mastered





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Twilight Teahouse ~ Choose something decadent from our menu…

Solie Shaw is a brilliant self-made woman, running a massive corporation. At the end of the day, all she wants to do is not be in charge. Her heart’s jaded after a cruel incident with a former lover. Now comes another chance to get exactly what she needs. All she needs to do is… choose.

Excerpt From Juicy by the Multi-Award Winning bestseller T.J. Michaels

He was in no way asking for all of her—not her heart, and perhaps not even her

body. She knew that BDSM play wasn’t all about sex with Burton. Sure, he enjoyed

impact play with floggers, crops, rope and cuffs; however, what he loved most was

getting into his play partner’s head. And still, he hadn’t even asked for that.

He’d only asked to give her what she needed…and she would be the one to decide

what that was. And later, if she wanted to, he was open to moving into something a bit


Slipping her hand into Burton’s, Solie said exactly what was on her mind.

“Burt, I don’t need to think about it.”

“What are you saying, Solie,” he asked with quiet surety. “No beating around the

bush. Just let me have it.”

“I want to explore this zing between us, B. And I’m ready to explore it now. Yes, I

will admit I’m on the rebound, but we both know that. And right now, I want you more

than anything or anyone else I can think of.”

“More than a new souped-up gaming computer?” he teased, poking at her nerdy


“That’s kind of pushing it, but yes, more than a new gaming computer. And more

than World of WarCraft. And more than non-burnt English muffins. I want to be with you

more than I want a bare handed, over the knee spanking.”

“Now that’s hard to believe,” he quipped back. “But I think we can do something

about that. Last I heard, there was nothing like a spanking from Mr. Big Thuddy Paddle


Solie’s mouth fell open. “Mac told you about that?”

“Of course she did. And she had no shame in admitting that she’s the one who

came up with that loving little title for me while you wholeheartedly agreed. So I’ll take

that as a compliment.”

Solie fell backwards onto her pillow laughing like she hadn’t in weeks…hell, months

even. She could tell Burton was seriously restraining himself from tickling her. When

she caught her breath, she sat back up and smiled as he fed her more bacon.

“So what’s the next step, Burt?”

“That depends. What do you want? I may be a Dominant, but I’m not a bully. You

set the tone and the pace here, Sols. After that last D.I.N.O.—”

“D.I.N.O.? What’s a D.I.N.O.?”


“Oh.” She chuckled and rolled her eyes. Didn’t that about sum it up?



The Scientific Method by bestseller Joey W. Hill

Quote Card -Joey HillWelcome back! Today we’ll be taking a look at the paranormal entry to the box set, The Scientific Method, by Joey W. Hill. See what it takes to be the subject of a Vampire Lord’s affection & desires.

Lord Brian’s assistant, Debra, yearns for the Vampire’s heart, yet she knows it cannot be hers. #Mastered@JoeyWHill

Mastering her body was easy. Mastering her heart and soul will be an erotic science…

The Vampire Lord Brian suspects his servant, Debra, is unhappy with her current station. She yearns for his heart, but she knows it can never be. He seeks to amend that. Outside of his research, he takes her in hand and shows her what it means to be truly his, together.



❤ ❤ ❤

Excerpt from The Scientific Method by bestseller, Joey W. Hill

Debra. I’m hungry.

Two words that always meant something much more than blood to vampires.

She found him in Lady Lyssa’s gardens. There was an old stone bench under a lattice arch

weighted down by Confederate jasmine. It was his favored place to work when he didn’t have to be in

the lab. He was studying his laptop now, which provided her an extra moment to look at him as she


The moonlight limned his hair, giving the lighter strands a golden-silver luster. The sculpted

planes of his face were etched by shadow. With the preternatural vampire stillness that would take him

when he was deep in thought, he could have been another of the marble statues in the vast maze of

gardens. Yet he showed he was aware of her presence, his head lifting at her approach.

Though he often came out of his work as if emerging from the bottom of a still ocean, she

felt when his focus sharpened on her. It was a transition that never failed to weaken her knees. The

awareness in his eyes, a mixture of blood hunger, sexual need and…

No, that was all there was. That was all she could let herself think about. For her part, it was so

much more, but that was her problem to handle. She was the human in the relationship. Servant to his


Setting aside his laptop, he brought her between his knees, banded his arms around her

and nuzzled her throat. No words. They didn’t need them, did they? She wound her arms around his

shoulders, taking advantage of those first few seconds to slide her fingers through his thick hair, her

pulse tripping as he slipped the buttons of her blouse and licked the valley between her breasts, tracing

the curves. The man could use his tongue the way a master painter used a fine brush. The pressure,

stroke, timing… Totally controlled and excruciatingly perfect.

If a vampire wanted to take his servant in plain view of everyone on the Council estate, no one

thought a thing about it. But right now, they were blissfully alone. Brian slid a hand up under her skirt to

cup her buttock. When he found his way beneath her panties to stimulate her rim with long fingers, she

moaned, rubbing her mound against his chest. The look he lifted to her was full of heat and pleasure,

reflecting that dangerous edge that left no doubt—at least in this moment—he considered her totally


His other hand slid along the curve of her breast, up to her throat, stroking so she lifted her chin,

drawing in her breath at the whisper of his own there, the brush of his fangs. Those vibrant hazel eyes

watched her every reaction.

“Stay still,” he said, and she didn’t move a muscle, even though inside all of her nerve endings

were rippling. He pressed his mouth against her throat again and, as his fangs penetrated, he slowly slid

his fingers into her.

Clasp your hands behind your back, he ordered, and she did it reluctantly, though the thrust of

her breasts put the hardened tips against his upper chest, an excruciating friction.

My bad girl. Already so hot and wet. You’re going to come without my permission.

No, my lord.

You’re saying no to me?

He took a particular delight in befuddling her usually organized mind like that. She could tell it in

the gleam of his gaze, the erotic set of his irresistible mouth as he briefly lifted his head, gave her a look.

She gave a desperate half laugh. “No, my lord. I mean, yes. Oh…”

He scissored and thrust his fingers in a rhythm with his drinking that elicited tiny moans, that

made her lose her train of thought.

You’re going to come for me.

“Yes.” She breathed it, shut her eyes and pressed her jaw against his head as the climax rose up

inside her, an irresistible wave. She’d do anything for him.

He locked his arm around her, holding her fast so her sensual writhing stoked his own desire.

And as he took his nourishment from her throat again, he kept stroking and teasing her until she wanted

nothing more than to grip his shoulders, hold on forever.

But she wasn’t allowed to touch him until he said she could.

❤ ❤ ❤



Working Out by USA Today bestseller Marie Harte

Quote Card - Marie Harte - 1

Hi All! Today, will be a good day! We will be appreciating the commanding presence of Working Out, by USA Today bestseller, Marie Harte. Do YOU have what it takes to keep up with a man like Mac? Don’t you dare answer no!

Mac, the former marine, takes it upon himself to show Maggie the true meaning of “Sir”. #Mastered@MHarte_Author

When lust turns to love, who’s really on top?

A marine is used to taking and giving orders, even out of service. Mac takes it upon himself to show Maggie, the young woman who works under him, the true meaning of “Sir”. It’s a lifestyle that can suit them both, if she falls into rank and obeys without question…



Quote Card - Marie Harte - 2

❤ ❤ ❤

Working Out by USA Today bestseller Marie Harte

The knock came again.

“Hold on,” she called out and tossed off her blanket. She trudged to the floor in wool socks

and peered through the peep hole. She froze. After a moment, she opened the door. “Yes?”

Mac Jameson stood in the communal hallway of the aging Victorian looking edible in jeans

and a black leather jacket. In the hall lighting, his bright blue eyes glinted with some indefinable


“Here. These are for you.” He held out a bouquet of pink roses.

“Ah, what?”

The intensity on his face faded, and a smile took the place of his frown. “That is one ugly



He stepped forward and would have trampled her if she hadn’t moved back. Before she

knew it, he’d entered her apartment and closed and locked the door behind him.

“Nice trick.”

“It’s called being persuasive.” He put the flowers in her hand and closed her fingers over the

smooth stems.

“You brought me flowers?” Mystified, she didn’t know what to think. Was this another part

of his nonsexual dating technique?

“You want them or not?”

“Yes, yes.” She hugged them to her when he moved to take them back. Flowers. When was

the last time a man had brought her roses? “Such an ungrateful gift giver. Thank you. I love


She turned and left to rummage in the kitchen for a vase. After she’d arranged and watered

them, she put them in the center of her dining table. “So pretty.” She glanced up to see Mac right

in front of her. “Mac?”

“Yeah. So pretty,” he rumbled and tugged her to him using her belt.

Her robe parted just as he planted a warm, hungry kiss on her mouth. Maggie could only

kiss him back, caught up in an inferno of unfulfilled desire. Everything inside her hungered for

the magic of a man who didn’t hesitate to take what he wanted.

He broke the kiss and ran his mouth down her neck. “What are you wearing under this?”


He tensed and pulled back. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“I just took a shower.” She frowned, wondering what it took to break the man’s resolve.

“I am so screwed,” she thought she heard him mutter under his breath. In a louder voice, he

said, “I came over to say hi. You’ve been avoiding me this week, and I wanted to make sure we

were still good.”

“I was only keeping my distance from a crabby boss with control issues.”

“Yeah, about those issues… Thing is, I want to fuck you.”

“O-kay.” The man’s thoughts shifted like the wind. “And this makes you crabby


“Because what I want from you is a little different from what you’re probably used to. I

want us to get to know each other better so you’ll feel okay about sleeping with me, my way.”

She caught her breath. “Spell it out. What exactly do you want me to do with you?”

“Everything I want, exactly the way I want it.” He tilted her chin up so that he could look

straight into her eyes. “I want to play games with you. Ones where we need a safeword. Where

you call me Sir and you obey me.” He kissed her again, and she felt her robe begin to open. Then

his hands were inside, stroking her heated flesh. “I want to own your body in bed. Would you be

willing to let me do that?”

“All this for some roses?” she replied while trying to make sense of her dreams suddenly

meshing with reality.

He chuckled. “Nah. The roses were to show you I was thinking of you.” He cupped her

breasts, and his eyes darkened. “But this is way more than I’d planned on asking for.” He fully

parted her robe and stared down at her. Slowly, he bent his head and took a flushed, pert nipple

in his mouth.

He sucked hard, and her knees buckled. She moaned and hung on to him for dear life.

Mac turned his attention to her other breast and teased and nipped until she teetered on an

orgasm. She’d never been so sensitive before, but moisture coated the insides of her thighs.

“Yeah. This is what I want. You helpless in my arms.” He kissed her, his tongue penetrating

while his hands moved down to cage her waist. “Maggie… fuck. I wanted to wait, but no more.

I want you, but I’ll go easy with my demands.” He gripped her tight and kissed her again. “What

do you think?”

She stared up at him when he pulled away. Her robe hung open, but he looked only at her


“I think… I think we should go back to my bedroom.” She tugged him with her, sure only

that the time had come to finally have Mac Jameson. Tomorrow could take care of itself. Tonight

belonged to her.

❤ ❤ ❤



Remastered by Multi-Award-Winner Madelynne Ellis

Quote Card - Madelynne-2Hey! We’re going to keep rocking out to the Mastered set with another track, Remastered, by Multi-Award-Winner, Madelynne Ellis. So many rock stars have made a comeback in recent years, but few have had the heart to do it like this.

A Sound-Proof Recording Room is the only thing Spook and Allegra need for his #hot encore. #Mastered

A bad experience with a former girlfriend caused Spook Mortensen to repress his sexual urges, but when sound engineer Allegra Hutton is called upon to remaster Black Halo’s first album, there’s only so much attitude and stubborn refusal to listen to the bands’ wishes he can take before he’s forced to break his self-imposed vow and take her in hand.



❤ ❤ ❤

Excerpt from Remastered by Multi-Award-Winner, Madelynne Ellis

“I’ve been broken,” he replied, gently brushing stray threads of hair from her

upturned face. “You might think I’m still broken given the sorts of things I like.”

“What kind of things?” She wished he’d be plainer spoken instead of so cryptic.

Spook moved his hand from her temple and instead splayed it across the front of her

throat. Alle’s breath immediately hitched. She felt vulnerable with his palm covering her

windpipe and his thumb and forefinger tucked against the ridge of her jaw, but at the same

time, arousal bloomed inside of her, leaving her breasts feeling heavy and a mellow throb

drumming between her thighs.

“Do you like pain, Alle? I do, I enjoy inflicting it. I like seeing women tied up. I like

photographing their skin when it’s been reddened by numerous smacks.”

Dear God, had he really said that? Her mouth turned dry. It wasn’t what she’d

expected. Hoped for, yes, but never anticipated.

“I like to wrap the strap from my guitar around their wrists and bind their hands

behind their backs.”

She could picture him doing that to her, winding the long strap round and round,

and then up between both hands. She’d be naked at the time, and on her knees, and oh so

dreadfully aware of what came next.

“Do that to me,” she blurted.

❤ ❤ ❤



Three Secrets by New York Times and USA Today bestseller Opal Carew

Depositphotos_15951677_l (1)


Today, I get the chance to feature myself! New York Times Bestselling Erotic Romance Author, Opal Carew, (that’s me! :-D) and my deliciously revealing story from the Mastered Box Set, Three Secrets.

Keeping one secret is intriguing.Two is naughty.Three…deserves to be punished. #Mastered#DomSub#BDSM




Sharing secrets has never been so exhilarating…

Nicole & Abel were the picture perfect story of love; meeting and falling for one another in the most romantic city on Earth, Paris. But Nicole has a secret, a secret of leather and lace, but she is fears that her private lifestyle may drive Abel away… but he’s kept a few secrets from her as well….




❤ ❤ ❤
Excerpt from Three Secrets by New York Times and USA Today bestseller, Opal Carew

“Hello, Mistress.”

Her breath caught at the sight of Abel, wearing only tight, black briefs, standing against a

stripper pole, his hands behind his back. She glanced to the ceiling and saw that it was one of the

portable poles held in place with pressure rather than being bolted to the floor and ceiling.

“Hello. What’s this all about?”

“I told you I have a secret, and once I tell you what it is, I think you’ll want to punish me.”

Excitement skittered through her. Thoughts of punishing him in all kinds of ways raced

through her brain. Did this mean he accepted her lifestyle?

She stepped into the room, wishing she’d worn something black and leather. She walked

around behind him and excitement danced through her at the sight of his wrists fastened together

around the pole with handcuffs.

She suppressed a smile.

“If I’m going to punish you, I’ll need tools. I don’t want to hurt my hand spanking that tight

ass of yours.” She glanced around, wondering what she could make use of in the room. There

was a dining room in the suite, but not a kitchen, which might have had a wooden spoon.

“Yes, Mistress. If you look in the drawer by the TV you’ll see I brought some things.”

She walked to the drawer and opened it. Inside was a selection of floggers, a wooden paddle,

and a riding crop. She picked up the crop and ran her fingers over the heart-shaped leather on

the tip. She would love to use this and leave red, heart shapes all over his sexy ass, but it would

be too much for their first time. Instead, she picked up the soft, baby-blue suede flogger and

placed it on top of the dresser. There were also garments in the drawer. She picked up one of

the black leather straps and lifted it. It was a harness that would cover very little of her body, but

had a triangle of leather over the crotch and a strip to cover each breast. There were also black

spike heels. She checked and they were her size.

She grasped the harness and walked in front of him, then held it up. “Do you expect me to

wear this?” she demanded sternly.

He bowed his head. “Only if it pleases you, Mistress.”

She allowed a slow smile to spread across her face. “It does.”

She went back to the drawer and grabbed the shoes and flogger, then strode from the room

to the change room by the front door and flung off her clothes, then pulled on the sexy harness

and high heels. She returned to the living area with the flogger in her hand, feeling every bit the


His gaze locked on her and his dark blue eyes grew heated. She could see the black fabric of

his briefs grow tight over his bulge.

She pretended to pay attention to the flogger, enjoying a few seconds of his admiration, then

glanced at him.

“Eyes down,” she commanded.

He complied and she walked closer.

“Did you like what you saw?” she asked as she walked around him, taking in the sexy

sight of his big, muscular body. Knowing he was ready to obey her every command sent heat

simmering through her.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good. You may raise your eyes again.”

Three Secrets – Excerpt Opal Carew / 2

He gazed at her, excitement glimmering in his eyes. She pressed the end of the flogger

lightly against his stomach, then dragged it upward, the long strands dragging along his torso.

“You said you have a secret. What is it?”

He hesitated and she narrowed her eyes. “When I give you a command, I expect you to

comply immediately. Understand?”

❤ ❤ ❤



His Secret by International and UK Sunday Times bestseller Portia Da Costa


Quote Card -Portia Da CostaWelcome back!

Today we will be continuing our coverage of The Mastered BDSM box set with His Secret, a brand-spankin’ new story by International & UK Bestseller, Portia Da Costa!

When a playful #spank tips off his domineering side, the perfect couple hit it off like never before

Quiet storm…

Ben Chambers is the perfect, handsome boyfriend. Sarah adores him, but she suspects he has a secret. While away on a luxury vacation, a simple act of cheeky affection unravels Ben’s wicked ways. And she’s more than willing to see how deep they go.



❤ ❤ ❤

Excerpt from HIS SECRET by International and UK Sunday Times bestseller, Portia Da Costa

Sarah’s insides fluttered. Not just her sex, but in her heart, her chest. She felt

as if she were on a precipice above some great, secret valley. Ready to fling herself


When Ben released her sex, it was as much of a shock as if he’d suddenly begun

the spanking already. The lack of his fingers against her was like a gouging void that

she’d do anything to fill.

“Lie across the bed,” he said quietly. “ Facedown, with your hands stretched out

in front of you… You may look in my direction or away… that’s your choice.”

Almost unable to move properly from excitement, she obeyed him. Her limbs

seemed to be made of rubber and uncontrollable, but she managed to assume the pose

he’d specified. She was afraid to look at him, so turned her face away, even though in

her mind she could still see him perfectly.

“Good. That’s very good. You’re doing well.”

Am I? I don’t think so… I’m all over the place.

She felt the mattress dip and imagined Ben inclining toward her, his weight on

one hand while with the other he reached out toward her exposed bottom.

Expecting a spank and braced for it, she gasped when the first touch was light

and exploratory.

It won’t be so bad. It’s my first time. I bet he barely does anything at all.

And indeed, the second touch was nothing at all. Just a tap on her left buttock,

barely more than the light touch that had started all this, close to an hour ago, yet in

another lifetime.

Then… more taps. A little harder. Definitely making an impact, but still fine.

I’m okay. I can take this. It’s all right.

In fact, it was more than all right. Her sex was glowing, becoming soft and

pouched and wetter than ever. The slight impact of the little smacks was gently

knocking her core where she was pressed against the mattress.


How had that happened? One minute, soft taps, and then, suddenly, with no

discernable increase in effort, the taps weren’t taps any more but full-blown spanks.

And they were hard. They hurt. They really hurt.

“Oh!” she cried again when Ben’s hand seemed to catch a particularly tender

spot on the under-hang of her cheek. Her whole bottom was glowing now, drenched

in heat. It was uncomfortable, unsettling, quite painful, and yet the shivering warmth

in her flesh was sinking down into her sex and firing it up in a way she’d never yet

experienced. Her whole pussy seemed to be fizzing like the champagne had done.

Effervescing with a delicious yet forbidden pleasure.

How? Oh, how is this happening? He’s hurting me, yet… yet… Oh God, I want

him to hurt me more!

To her astonishment, Sarah realized she was lifting her bottom in syncopation

with the slaps, raising the target up to improve Ben’s aim and to invite and seduce

more blows. She was simmering on the edge of orgasm, and every time he hit her, he

pushed her ever closer to the longed-for implosion of pleasure.

She cried out keenly when he stopped, and she turned her face to implore him

with her eyes. To beg him to grant her more pain, more pleasure… Oh, dear Lord, she

hardly knew the difference.

Ben’s eyes were beautiful, wise, and kind. Despite the fact that he was denying

her what she wanted. But he seemed to understand as he leaned forward to press a

kiss to her tearful cheek and whisper in her ear.

“You’re doing beautifully, Sarah, my love… Better than I could ever have

wished. But you must wait a little for your prize. The waiting will make it all the more


Even though she was sobbing with need, with frustration, and from the now

extreme soreness in the flesh of her bottom, she believed him. She believed him


He was Ben. He knew all. He was her sweet master.

❤ ❤ ❤