Monthly Archives: January 2015

Getting into Gear!

Life’s been so busy since before the holidays and then I got the flu, so I’ve fallen behind on lots of things, but now I’m making great progress on my current book and am writing some short stories to publish soon!

For those waiting for it, I hope to have The Office Slave #4 out within a month or so! Sorry to have kept you all waiting for so long!



As soon as story #4 is out, I will release a new boxed set with story #3 (On Her Knees) and story #4 (don’t have a title yet).  In fact, here’s a sneak peak at the cover for that boxed set.


I’ll have stories in 4 boxed sets over the next few months! Many of you may be interested in our Invitation to Eden boxed set coming out in February.  We’re waiting for the cover for that, but I’ll let you know when we get it!

The new Mastered 2 boxed set will be out in April and it’s already up for preorder.  The set will contain 10 brand new stories by some fabulous authors!  The cover is still being updated, since the author line-up has changed since we first had it made in the fall.  You can see the current list of authors included on the Amazon listing.


I’ll keep you posted as things become available, but if you want to hear about these as they release, you can sign up for my newsletter!

So Proud!

One of the great things that just happened in my life is that my son, Matthew, graduated with a Masters in Geopolitics and Grand Strategy from the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. Matt and my other son, Jason, flew to Brighton last week for the ceremony and my DH and I were up at 5 a.m. this morning to watch the live stream.

Matt graduated “with distinction” and received an award for the best dissertation in his program! Obviously, I’m very proud of him!  🙂

Here he is getting his award!!!

1-Matt waving to Jason & crowd 2-smaller-cropped

2-Matt happy 2-smaller-cropped

3-Matt with Chancellor 1-smaller-cropped

4-Matt with Chancellor 2-smaller-cropped

5-Matt walking to get certificate-smaller-cropped

Matt came back to Ottawa in September to pursue another Masters degree.  We’re so happy to have him in Canada again, but I’m thrilled that he followed his dream by going to Sussex, and with such success!