Bad Boys of Eden Box Set Day 3: Blurring the Lines by Roni Loren

150310+Quote+Card+-+RoniLorinEden is a magnificent place. Indeed, all your sensual fantasies can come true on these faraway shores, but how is this possible? Certainly some of it is at the hand of the island’s enigmatic Master, but there’s something else to the island. Whether this power its real or not does not matter, so long as it gives you want you want, what you need. Sometimes its best to blur the lines a little, and that’s just what Roni Loren gives in her Bad Boys of Eden story, “Blurring the Lines”.

The Island knows what you need. “Blurring the Lines” @RoniLoren, part of the Bad Boys of Eden Box Set: #badboy_box

A year has passed since Gretchen lost her fiancé, but she still can’t sleep. Or paint. And her new home in New Orleans is either haunted or she’s finally going crazy.

Her bet is on the latter.

So when her best friend, Burke, offers to sweep her away to a private luxury island for a break, she can’t say no. Maybe if she can be someone else for a few days, the ghosts of the past will quiet. At least for a little while.

Burke knows what she’s going through. She lost her fiancé, but he lost family. He gets her in a way no else can. But lately she’s noticing things she shouldn’t about her former fiancé’s younger brother—his sexy smirk, that spicy Cajun accent, and the way he looks at her when he thinks she’s not paying attention. A week alone with him? Dangerous. If she blurs the lines between them, she could ruin the only friendship that means anything to her. She could ruin it all.

But the island of Eden has its own agenda. The island knows what you need. That’s what the invitation says. She just never imagines it will grant her the one wish that could destroy them both.

The Bad Boys of Eden Box Set is available now for the special price of $0.99!



❤ ❤ ❤

Burke’s gaze lifted to mine, and he set down his fork. “What are you thinking about, cher? You have a serious look on your face.”

I forced a half smile. “Nothing really.”

“Don’t give me that. You’re a loud thinker.”

I twirled my noodles around my fork, watching them go round and round. “You ever wonder if he can see us? You know, like whatever the after may be, if the dead can somehow observe the living?”

He sniffed. “No. Can’t say I believe in any of that. I think when we’re gone, we’re gone.”

I peered at him, but he wasn’t looking my way anymore. His stubbled jaw was set and he was taking small jabs at his plate of lo mein. “Okay. Good to know.”

He let out a breath and set his fork down. “Look, I’m not trying to be a dick.

Everyone’s beliefs and faith are their own business. If believing there’s something after gives you comfort, that’s great. But, for me, I don’t buy it. I think this is the only chance we’ve got—win, lose, or draw. This is it. So you better grab the most you can out of this life.” He shrugged. “And honestly, the thought of any of my dead family members watching me gives me the creeps. No, thanks.”

My neck prickled, the sounds of last night haunting me. “I know what you mean about that part.”

He frowned, his attention on me again. “Wait. Is that what’s keeping you awake at night? You think Harris is creeping around or something? You think he’s watching now?”

It sounded completely crazy when he said it like that. “Not exactly.”

His gaze didn’t leave mine. “You weren’t joking about searching for ghosts, were you?”

I cringed. This was not a conversation I wanted to have with Burke. Or anyone for that matter. “It’s not that. I just—I don’t know.”

“You don’t know what?” He shifted his body so he could fully face me. “Tell me what’s going on.”

I shook my head and poked at my chicken.

“Gretch, don’t do that, don’t ignore me.”

“Fine.” I nudged my plate away. “Sometimes I feel like he’s here, okay? I know it’s stupid.”

Burke gaped at me for a long moment and then slid off his stool, his expression morphing into what I’d come to recognize as his game face.

“What are you doing?” I asked, tracking his progress.

He stepped around the counter and put out a hand to me. “Stand up.”

I eyed his offered hand. Wary.

“Come on. I can disprove your theory right here.”

I took his hand and stood.

He tilted his face toward the ceiling. “Bro, if you’re hovering around here somewhere, feel free to kick my ass for this.”

Before I could put together what his words meant, Burke dragged me to him, cupped my face, and lowered his mouth to mine. Lips on lips. Warmth on warmth. Boom! Crash!

The kiss shocked me into a stupor. All I could process was his mouth against mine, hands gripping me, and the sound he made in his chest at the contact. But then he brushed the tip of his tongue along my lips, and all at once, my senses kicked into full, pumping awareness. The scent of the Gain detergent he used, the salty taste of soy, and the forbidden feel of his mouth. My lips parted and invited a deeper kiss without me consciously willing them to do so. His tongue slid gently into my mouth, and I groaned.

My hands found his waist and gripped his T-shirt like I’d fall if I didn’t keep hold of something.

It was so different from the one kiss we’d shared so long ago. That had been two awkward kids figuring things out. This was not that. This was a man who knew how to take a woman down with one sensual sweep of his mouth. This was the Burke I’d heard about. The one who got any woman he wanted. The one who told me those sordid stories.

That was when reality kicked in the door to my lust-filled brain. I was kissing my dead fiancé’s brother. I was kissing my best friend. I pushed back with a panted gasp.

“Burke, stop.”

His eyes were heavy-lidded, the look on his face all danger and erotic promise. But he didn’t move forward. Instead, he licked his lips and held out his hands, his smile soft when he spoke again. “See, cher, nothing. No breaking dishes. No slamming cabinets.

You and I both know my brother well enough to know that he wouldn’t let me do that to you without a fight. If Harris’s ghost is around here, he would’ve done something about it.”

I blinked, still suspended in that stunned state for a few seconds more. Then, not knowing how else to channel everything that was coursing through me, I got pissed. The anger rushed straight up my spine and out to my limbs. I shoved him hard in the chest.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

He frowned as he rocked back a step, though he didn’t seem fazed by me yelling at him or pushing him. “I’m sorry, Gretch. But you needed to see that there’s no one watching.”

“You didn’t have to kiss me to show me that!” My heart was beating too fast, and my voice came out too shrill.

He shrugged. “You didn’t have to kiss me back.”

I gaped at him, slack jawed, then grabbed a handful of fortune cookies and threw them.

He raised his hands to fend off the attack, laughing. “Hey, not the cookies. Those could hold the key to our future.” He caught one of the cellophane-wrapped cookies mid-air. “And it was just a kiss. It’s not like we’ve never done it before.”

“When we were kids.”

“Yes, you’re much improved.”

“Ugh!” I stepped forward and shoved him again. “You need to warn a girl before you maul her.”

He lifted a brow and grabbed my wrist, his eyes holding a wicked gleam. “Fine, cher.

Next time I’ll warn you.”

“That’s not what I—” I pulled my arm free. “Never mind.”

Somehow all this arguing was making my blood heat as much as the damn kiss. I needed him to stop touching me and looking at me like he wanted to kiss me again.

Goddamn Burke.


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Hi. I’m Opal Carew and I write erotic romance for St. Martin’s Press and Samhain Publishing, and I self-publish stories. I also write romance as Amber Carew. So why do I like writing erotic romance? I like being able to push beyond traditional boundaries. I like dealing with a female character who is growing and evolving – questioning her sexual boundaries and pushing past them. My stories usually include menage a trois. It is great fun to write a heroine choosing between two equally appealing heroes... or more. These aren’t women who just jump into bed with anyone. They find themselves in an unusual situation – something exciting and erotic – but a situation where they have to push themselves beyond their comfort level. As a result, they grow as a person. So often fear holds us back – of what others will think of us, of what we will think about ourselves – and we don’t follow our hearts. These women push past that fear. Get a free erotic romance read by joining my Reader Group. Just copy and paste into your browser ==>

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