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Getting Nailed has never been more fun!!!

Hi! Many of you may know that I am a nail polish fanatic. I love nail polish because of the delightful colours, textures, finishes, et cetera, that I can appreciate at all times. My desk is by a big window looking out into the backyard and I love the sparkle of the sun on my nails while I type. (Okay, I write ALL THE TIME, so I have no time for hobbies! Lol!) Anyway, it’s also a fun way to bring out my creativity in a visual way.

The reason I’m telling you this is because… BIG NEWS… I was able to convince my editor at St. Martin’s Press that I should write a book where the heroine is starting her own  indie nail polish company! Of course, in addition to fun stuff about nail polish, there’s intrigue, domination, a sexy man from her past, more domination, and a reluctant marriage of convenience!

As part of the writing and the promoting, I am hoping to connect with nail polish bloggers and vloggers to talk about the book and…

I’m so excited about this

Literary Lacquers is going to produce the nail polish collection from the book!  Squeee!!!! I’m absolutely thrilled!

The book and the polish collection will be released on August 23rd and I can hardly wait!!!

Cover for NAILED by Opal Carew




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