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My Best Friend’s Stepfather Goodreads GIVEAWAY!


Congrats to those who won my last two giveaways to celebrate my Mastered By series! For those of you who were not as lucky, I’ve got some good news…

I’m holding another giveaway! This one is for a chance to win one of FOUR paperback copies of My Best Friend’s Stepfather through Goodreads!

Again, no purchase necessary, and the giveaway is open until May 1st.

Follow this link to enter to win one of four paperback copies of My Best Friend’s Stepfather.


"I want you to understand that we're going to do this my way"


She’s always craved his touch…even though it’s forbidden.

When Ash is assigned her first feature as a reporter, it should have been simple: interview a real life Dominant for an article about BDSM. But her subject is none other than Darien Gallagher, her best friend’s stepfather…and it’ll be an interview she never forgets.

What started for Dare as a lesson in sensual domination suddenly has become so much more. He can’t deny the spark between them, even though he knows she’s completely off limits. With every seductive word, every lesson, Dare tests Ash’s resolve and pushes her boundaries. But at the same time, her boss Adam has her craving things she shouldn’t.

While Ash finds herself dreaming of both men, a dark secret threatens to destroy everything. But how can she hold onto a relationship that isn’t even real?



Please let your friends know! 🙂

And stay tuned for my next Goodreads Giveaway, starting May 2nd!


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The Office Slave conclusion – Release day!

Great news! The exciting conclusion of The Office Slave series is out now! It’s available today as part of the final boxed set containing two stories. 🙂


Will his need to be in control destroy his only chance at happiness?

Mr. Grant’s need to control everything in his life–including his women and his emotions–has cost him the one thing he truly desires. Sylvia. He wants her–no, he needs her–back in his life. To dominate her… and to care for her. But can he push himself to his emotional limits and do what it takes to win her back?

“No panties, Sylvia. You are a dirty girl.”

She flattened one hand on his chest. “I’m a very dirty, naughty girl. You need to punish me.”

Those last words came out a little needier than she’d intended.

“You still want me to master you?”

She bit her lip, hesitating, then finally nodded.

He sighed, his gaze shifting back to her. “Well, you found the perfect way to convince me. Turn around.”

Since there are 7 stories in the series, I’ve thrown in a bonus story called The Captive. It’s a brand new story and, if you’ve been following The Office Slave series, then I thought you’d enjoy seeing more of the sexy Mr. King. 🙂


Note: This is also available in print (as a single book with two stories).


The individual stories will be released over the next two weeks. Buying the box set is the best deal, though, since it’s the same price as buying either of the stories individually! 🙂


Mastered by the CEO – Two Giveaways!


To celebrate the release of Mastered by the CEO, I am holding some giveaways!

First, I’m running an Amazon Giveaway to give you a chance to win MASTERED BY THE CEO (Kindle Edition).  No purchase necessary! Ends the earlier of Apr 24, 2016 11:59 PM PDT, or when all 3 ebook prizes are claimed. See official rules here:

Follow this link to enter to win a kindle edition of Mastered by the CEO.



Reader Group - Mastered by the CEO


Second, I’m giving away two paperback copies of PLAYED BY THE MASTER through Goodreads! Again, no purchase necessary, and the giveaway is open until April 24th.

Follow this link to enter to win one of two paperback copies of Played by the Master.



Reader Group - Played by the Master


And please let your friends know! 🙂

Note: All books in the Mastered By series are stand-alone HEA stories with no cliff-hangers and can be read in any order.

Current books in the Mastered By series:

Played by the Master
Mastered by the Boss
Mastered by my Guardian
Mastered by the CEO

And coming soon are:

Mastered by her Captor
Mastered by the Sheikh
Mastered by the Billionaire

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Mastered by the CEO – New Release!


Mastered by the CEO - print cover

MASTERED BY THE CEO is out today!!!

This is the fourth story in my sizzling erotic romance BDSM series MASTERED BY. I’ve included an excerpt below and… if you join my Reader Group, you’ll get a free erotic read. See details further down. 🙂


Amazon (print):

MB_CEO-Rachel-blurb-V2-Available Now


Rachel Clark

How did I wind up in King’s bed as his sex slave? Being totally dominated by him?

It all started when King bought the company I work for. The last time I was out of work—after handing King my resignation–it took two years before I found another position and I’m desperate to avoid that situation again. So now I’ll do whatever I can to keep my job.

But, in fact, even with me submitting to his every whim, there’s no guarantee.

King says I’m difficult and never do what I’m told–which is true—so is this simply penance for past sins? Or if I prove I’ll follow his commands without question, will he keep me on?

I don’t know. And frankly, I don’t care. When I’m in his arms, all I care about is staying there.


But that’s not an option.

MB_CEO-King-blurbJames “King” Taylor

When I bought Bernier Electronics, I didn’t know Rachel was one of the junior executives. With our history, there’s no way I can keep her on. I need executives who will do as I say, not constantly question my every move.

I’d like to say it’s a difficult decision, but it’s not. Our past has proven she won’t fit in my management team.

But it’s never simple. When she worked for me five years ago, we had a clandestine affair. She insisted on keeping it strictly sexual, but I wanted so much more. When she left, I was devastated. Clearly, it meant more to me than it did to her.

The truth is I still want her in my bed. But I won’t hire her just for the sex.

She insists she can change, that she’ll do exactly as she’s told, but I know that’ll never work. Still, offering her the chance to prove herself—by becoming my submissive for an entire weekend—will prove to her it’ll never work. I never dominated her when we were together before, and the mere thought has me rock-hard.

I just hope I can handle losing her again after I experience the sweetness of her submission.

Reader Group - Mastered by the CEO

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Note: All books in the Mastered By series are stand-alone HEA stories with no cliff-hangers and can be read in any order.

Current books in the Mastered By series:

Played by the Master
Mastered by the Boss
Mastered by my Guardian
Mastered by the CEO

And coming soon are:

Mastered by her Captor
Mastered by the Sheikh
Mastered by the Billionaire


King eyed Rachel as she sipped her juice again. He couldn’t help watching her full, pouty lips, glistening with juice as she put the glass down. When her pink tongue glided over those lips, his groin tightened.

Her long, chestnut hair was bound at the back of her head with a clip, all the ends neatly tucked in. It was longer than he remembered. Her hair had been too short to put up when they’d worked together, but he’d always told her how he’d love to see her with long hair.

Her eyes, green with specks of gold, remained fixed on her glass. He’d commanded her to be silent and she’d actually obeyed, as much a shock to her, he was sure, as it was to him.

Heat washed through him. He liked the feeling of her following his orders. But then, he’d always known he would.

When she’d called him Mr. Taylor, his heart had leapt. Of course, she always called him that in a professional setting…but here, when they were alone… His heart pounded. If she were to call him Sir, he’d probably burst at the seams.

As he gazed at her now, however, memories of the hot, sensual sessions they’d shared in his office had him longing to hold her in his arms. Longing to feel her naked body against him, her soft sensual murmurs whispering in his ear. To glide his cock deep onto her warm, welcoming body.

His cock swelled, but the band aid on her head reminded him she was in no condition to even walk straight let alone have wild, savage sex like they used to.

An even deeper craving swelled through him… to do something he’d never done with Rachel. Something he’d yearned to with a force so strong he’d had to hold himself back with an iron fist.

To dominate her. Totally and completely.

But if he’d even tried, he’d been certain she would have run for the hills. Most of the time, she wouldn’t even do what he told her as her boss. Trying to command her as his lover… Well, that was doomed to fail.

She lifted her gaze from her glass briefly, then dropped it again when she found he was watching her. At her uncertainty… the slight confusion in her green eyes… protectiveness surged through him.

He loved the fact she needed him right now. Loved that she’d agreed to stay the night so he could watch over her.

The predatory male in him couldn’t resist her frailty. Not to take advantage of her, but to take care of her. To know she was his woman and he would protect her.

Even if only for one night.

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The Office Slave, 5&6- New release!

It’s release day!!! “The Office Slave series, Book 5 & 6” which includes PLEASE, MASTER and YES, SIR is available now!!!
One man loves her. The other doesn’t. But who will be her master?

Feeling lost and abandoned by the man she loves, Sylvia tries to bond with her new
Master, Mr. King. Sylvia will do anything to please him as he dominates her with a strong hand—commanding her, disciplining her, even sharing her with his business partners—just like Mr. Grant did. Mr. King fulfils her every fantasy. But unlike Mr. Grant, he cherishes her, and shows her the love she craves. She truly wishes she could give him what he wants. Her love. But she knows in her heart, she will never stop loving Mr. Grant.

Mr. Grant can’t live without Sylvia and realizes he must find a way to get her back. He wants her under his command… and in his bed. But can he convince Mr. King to give her back when it’s clear the man has fallen in love with her?
This duet is the same price as buying the one of the single stories, so it’s a great deal. 🙂
For those who prefer a print edition, “The Office Slave series, Book 5 & 6” will be available soon.
Also, the final story and a duet with a bonus story is available for preorder.
The Office Slave Series Book 5 & 6 collection
Kobo (Coming soon)
For links to the previous stories and more information:

The Office Slave #6: Yes, Sir

Today is release day!!! YES, SIR, the sixth story in The Office Slave series is available now!
Can she continue to surrender completely to a man who can’t give her his heart?
Mr. Grant couldn’t live without Sylvia and finally has her back under his command… and in his bed. Now he must balance his need for her with his need to keep a distance between them. By sheer force of will, he knows he’ll find a way to make it work. Even when Sylvia insists she needs more, he stands steadfast. But will that decision drive her away once and for all?
Special Offer: For the same price, you can get this and the fifth story of the Office Slave series bundled together in “The Office Slave Series, Book 5 & 6 Collection” (available for pre-order now.)

Kobo (Coming soon)

It’s release day for Part 2 of STEPBROTHER, MINE!!!

Stepbrother, Mine by Opal Carew

Meet Mason. He is used to getting what he wants. The head of his own corporate empire, he has wealth, means, and no shortage of beautiful women ready to fulfill his every need. But despite having it all, Mason is bored. Until he comes face-to-face with a woman from his past–one who will do anything to get what she wants. But is her desire for Mason worth the risk?

Part 2: Available now!

Stepbrother, Mine - Part 2 by Opal Carew  Stepbrother, Mine-Part 2 by Opal Carew  Stepbrother, Mine - Part 3 by Opal Carew  Stepbrother, Mine by Opal Carew

Part 1: In case you haven’t gotten it yet:

Part 3:  Out Aug 11, but you can preorder:


Full Bundle: You can get the full bundle with all three parts in digital or print on Nov 24th!


Mastered 2 Box Set Author Spotlight Series, Day 4: Luscious, by T.J. Michaels

Mastered2 Quote Card TJMichaelsHappy Friday Readers! I hope the Mastered 2 box set has kept you bound & pleased throughout the week, and that you’re eager to try out some new tricks this weekend! 😛 Today we’ll be looking at T.J. Michael’s delicious new story, Luscious!

 Come and Visit the Twilight Teahouse in @tj_michaels’ “Luscious”, part of the new#Mastered2 #BDSM box set! #99Cents

 MacKenzie Ivers is a strong personality who submits to one man — her husband, Landon.

 After ten years of marriage, a nasty divorce, followed by a sweet reconciliation, Mac wants nothing more than for her husband to stop punishing himself for his part in the former “crazy”. It’s going to require some conniving and some rope…miles and miles of rope. Luckily, Twilight Teahouse has everything she needs to get this particular rigger back in the saddle.

 The all-new Mastered 2 Box Set is available now for the special price of $0.99!





 ❤ ❤ ❤

Luscious by T.J. Michaels

Mac was an alpha to the bone. In her case, alpha didn’t mean bitch…well, unless some bitchiness was required at the moment. It was simply her personality and style, and allowed her to successfully run a thriving business in a field dominated by men, and deal with emergencies with ease.

On the flip side of that coin, this man, her husband, brought out the submissive in her like literally no one else could. And when her man crossed his legs and let his vivid green gaze roam boldly from her head to her feet and back again, Mac felt sexy as hell. Blushing, she automatically bowed before him.

“Today, it’s you, me and some rope. Do you consent to this, MacKenzie Chalice Daniels-Ivers?”

Oh dear lord, he called her by her whole name! That was typically reserved for when she was in trouble, or when he planned something intense. Butterflies in her gut were a thing of the past as they morphed into pterodactyls. A shiver went through her whole body and settled down between the joints in her knees. A deep breath did nothing to calm her at all. But one thing was for sure–her nerves skipped around from sheer anticipation of some serious delight.

“Well?” he asked.

“Yes, of course I consent.”

“Good. Go to your play bag and get all of the red bamboo rope.”

How did he know she had that in there? Before she could ask, he said, “I put it in there two nights past in place of that rough jute stuff you had bundled up inside.”

One brow winged its way up her forehead as his words truly registered. And then her man gave her one of the most deliciously promising grins she’d seen on his face lately.

She smiled in return, shaking her head at herself, as understanding dawned. Landon had obviously planned this well in advance. Sure she’d seen the rope when she’d inspected her bag not fifteen minutes ago, but she always had some in there just in case. Easy knots for easy play was something she could handle. But all the ins and outs and its intricate uses were Landon’s domain. And it was a domain he ruled, completely.

Once she was across the room and standing over her bag, another command came.

“Put your locs up into a bun, high on top of your head. Then remove your clothes and leave them folded neatly where you stand. You may keep those sexy ass panties on that you were sashaying around the house in this morning.”

“Sashay?” she gawked.

“Absolutely. And it was a beautiful sight. Have a problem with the word, sashay?” he asked. He lowered his head and watched her through thick coal-black lashes. A smart ass comment was on the edge of her lips when he gave her the look and raised an imperious brow.

Mac blurted, “Nope. No problem at all.”


On Her Knees (The Office Slave #3) – no longer censored by Amazon!

Hi.  Amazon has finally removed the Adult Flag from On Her Knees (The Office Slave #3)!  This is the new cover.  You might notice from my last post that there is more shading to cover her derriere!  Without that shading , it was a no go!

I am continuing to try and get the word out on this story again.  🙂

The Office Slave 3: On Her Knees, available now in Kindle, Kobo and Nook!


They brought her ultimate fantasy to life…
Now it gets real.

Her friend had arranged for her to live out her fantasy of being office slave to four hot hunky business partners, and at the end, their fifth partner had called to ask if she wanted to be dominated… for real. His deep, domineering voice had elicited the most compelling and intense dreams she’d ever known. Then when she gave up control to him, she was totally hooked.

Now she is exploring what it means to be in a Dominant/submissive relationship with a man who seems to gain more pleasure from watching her with other men rather than giving her what she really wants. Him.

Mr. Grant has never experienced a submissive as willing and desirable as Sylvia. Everything about her makes him want her, eroding the steadfast control he keeps over himself when mastering a woman.

No submissive has ever broken through his carefully erected barrier of indifference. Until now.

Can Sylvia break through his self-imposed walls to touch the man beneath?


The Office Slave series currently consists of:
The Office Slave
The Office Slave #2: The Boss
The Office Slave #3: On Her Knees
and there are more to come.

Note that the first two books in this series are available at a significant discount in The Office Slave Series, Book 1 & 2 Boxed Set.


On Her Knees (The Office Slave #3) – CENSORED

OpalCarew_TheOfficeSlave3_BW.800     OpalCarew_TheOfficeSlave4-HR

As if the road hasn’t been rocky enough getting On Her Knees (The Office Slave #3) out to my readers, now Amazon has slapped the dreaded Adult Tag on it.

This means that readers cannot find the story when they search for it, even if they put in the appropriate search criteria (for instance “Opal Carew On Her Knees”)!  Unless you either select “Books” or “Kindle Store” from the Department drop list (to the left of the search field), you will not find the book.  It will also be hidden from listings other books will enjoy, like the also bought lists at the bottom of similar books, etc.

It may not sound big, but sales have plummeted since it happened.  I’m working on getting Amazon to remove the adult tag, but they refused based on the cover.  Okay, so I’ve gone out and gotten a different cover for it (really, really fast–thank you so much to Kim Killion of Hot Damn Designs for helping me out).  I hope they’ll accept this one, but it all takes time to go through the process.  I loaded the cover up on Amazon on Saturday, but at the time I’m writing this post, it’s still not up, and I can’t request they remove the Adult Filter until the cover is up.

If you have any friends who can’t find it and want to buy it, please send them this link:

Thank you!