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JENNA’S PUNISHMENT – new from Ruby Carew!

The newest story from my naughty alter ego, Ruby Carew, is out today!

JENNA’S PUNISHMENT, Book 1 in Jenna’s Best Friend’s Father series.

As Ruby I write red hot erotica stories that’ll curl your toes. 😉 All of Ruby’s stories are short and sexy little treats – for adults only! This book contains taboo erotic BDSM encounters between a younger woman and an off-limits sexy older man. And the stories can be stand-alone, or you can follow Jenna through the whole series…


I’ve been attracted to him for a long time, but he is totally out of bounds. He’s my best friend’s father and I know I shouldn’t be lusting after him. But now he’s offered me a summer job at his place and things are heating up between us. He has just one rule. Don’t look inside the room.

But I just can’t resist…


Some secrets are worth pursuing – especially when discovering them means you might be punished…

Jenna’s Punishment (Book 1) – OUT NOW!:

Jenna’s Two Masters (Book 2) – coming June 27th:

And, just like Ruby’s other releases, both stories will also be available in one box set – Jenna’s Best Friend’s Father, Collection 1 – coming soon!


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Here’s a sexy little snippet for you…

I stepped from the shower and dried off. Oh, damn, I’d left my clothing out by the pool. I glanced at my bathing suit floating in the sink where I’d left it to rinse. I really didn’t want to pull on that wet thing again.

I sighed and wrapped the bath towel around myself. Cade had gone out to do some grocery shopping and had told me he probably wouldn’t be back until after I’d gone home. I opened the door and peered out, then hurried down the hallway to the kitchen, and out the patio doors. I picked up my clothes from the patio chair, but then glanced around, and decided to pull them on right here.

I leaned over and stepped into my shorts, then pulled them up. As I was fastening them, the towel slipped away and fell to the ground.

Damn. I leaned over and picked it up, then turned back to the chair.


I glanced up at Cade’s shocked voice, then my cheeks heated as his gaze glided over my naked breasts.

Oh, God, I was both mortified, and extremely turned on. His gaze locked onto my nipples as they peaked to hard nubs.

Then he spun around. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

I grabbed my top and pulled it on. “It’s okay. It wasn’t your fault. I forgot my clothes out here and thought… well, it doesn’t matter. You can… uh… turn around.”

Slowly, he turned back to me and I noticed a huge bulge pushing against his jeans. And his gaze wavered over my breasts as he tried valiantly not to look at my hard nipples pushing against the thin cotton of my top.


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